Tax brings together everything you need to know in an informative document (save this link)

The period for consultation, registration and confirmation of invoices and receipts on the Finance Portal is now closed, a new stage of payment from the IRS for 2021 now begins: the consultation and complaint period for general and family members , as well as expenses with the right to deduct VAT due to the invoicing requirement, which have been communicated to the Tributary and Customs Authority (AT).

At the end of this period, taxpayers can start thinking about submitting the IRS itself, which begins April 1.

In order to facilitate the understanding and the submission procedure of the IRS, AT has provided a information foldercomplete and illustrative, which contains everything you need to know for this delivery which begins at the beginning of next month.

To access the document, simply go to the AT page, click on ‘Highlights and Updates’, ‘Support for the Taxpayer’, ‘Useful Information’, ‘Information Leaflets’ and then choose the option ‘IRS – Deductions, tax benefits and income taxes for the year 2021’.

This is a 19-page informative document, which contains the various topics on IRS delivery, with several links that direct to the respective topic pages. How to submit your IRS return on the Internet? How do I resolve the discrepancies detected by the TA after submitting the IRS declaration? Ask these and other questions in the tax notice.

Download the document and share it with your contacts so that from April 1st to June 30th, nothing remains unresolved and there is no doubt when submitting your IRS.

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