The best action and adventure games on Xbox Game Pass

Jump, jump, fight, fly and discover places never seen before!

Game of action and adventure are by far the most sought after by gamers, and in this case we could not miss it. We put tico and teco to work, and we separate today’s best games from the most wanted genre, straight from the Xbox Game Pass. They are if adrenaline is in your blood, you are not alone.

It’s worth remembering that depending on what time you watch this video, some titles may have been removed from the catalog, and no, we haven’t put Halo or other XBOX exclusives, so you can give a chance in other ways. Let’s get to the article!


creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons he is coming Output, an exclusively cooperative adventure in which you play as one of two escaped prisoners. What begins as a thrilling escape quickly turns into an unpredictable and dramatic adventure like you’ve never played before. The Way Out is an experience to be had by two players. Each player controls one of the main characters – Leo and Vincent – in a reluctant alliance to break out of prison and win freedom.


In a world unfinished by the gods, a dark faction threatens humanity. The only thing stopping the bad guys from conquering coveted ancient technology is freelancers. Anthem may have been discontinued by Electronic Arts, however, it never will be by us Gamers. Enjoy the title on Game Pass and enjoy one of the best creations ever made for video games.

Batman: Arkham Knight

In the explosive final installment of the Arkham series, Scarecrow returns to assemble an impressive cast of Super-Villains, including the Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn. One of the big beauties is the opportunity to drive the new Batmobile for the first time in the franchise. The legendary vehicle, coupled with the acclaimed gameplay from the Batman Arkham series, provides players with the ultimate Batman experience as they navigate Gotham City.

dead space

In dead space you take the engineer’s skin isaac clarkwho is sent to repair the ship’s communication system ishimura, but finds the crew maimed and infected with an ancient alien virus. Despite a horror theme, dead space won a special space here. Want more? You can find Find Dead Space, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, and Dead Space Ignition in Game Pass Ultmate.

Dangerous Elite

Dangerous Elite is the most famous massively multiplayer space multiplayer game in history. Starting with a small spaceship and a few credits, players do whatever it takes to gain skills, knowledge, wealth, and power to survive in a futuristic galaxy. If you are looking for something different, with a unique theme, Elite Dangerous is the title.


Fe is a new type of platform adventure where you have to experience the story, with no one to guide you. It is told without words through the discoveries made during the game. Run, climb and slide through a dark northern forest and explore its ecosystem teeming with life, mystical creatures and secrets. If this title doesn’t capture your heart, look for our “Soulslike Games” section.

fire watch

Ahhh Firewatch, this first-person mystery adventure game set in the Wyoming wilderness, will have you crying from start to finish. With an engaging narrative, Firewatch will put you in the middle of a richly detailed exploration, and a story that will keep you going from start to finish without wanting to stop.

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy, one of Marvel’s biggest and best superhero games, has arrived on Game Pass. Take on the role of Star-Lord and embark on this action-packed adventure, battling powerful enemies trying to take over the galaxy. This game needs no introduction, you can download and play!

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

From the makers of Devil May Cry, it’s time to ride through a raw story of myth and madness. A Celtic warrior embarks on a chilling visionary quest to Viking hell to fight for her late lover’s weapon. Created in collaboration with neuroscientists and sufferers of psychosis, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will drag you deep into the melancholy fury of Senua’s broken spirit. Moreover, it will already be a great test for the next game in the franchise which is coming soon.

It takes two

Embark on the craziest journey of your life in It Takes Two, a completely innovative platforming adventure created exclusively for cooperative play. Invite a friend to join you for free with the Friend Pass* and work together on a wide variety of deliciously disturbing challenges. Defeat crowd squirrels, play music in a bustling nightclub, and ride a magic snow globe. Immerse yourself in a thrilling and hilarious story where storytelling and gameplay come together in a unique metaphorical experience. Ahh and only on Game Pass you get access to GOTY 2021 at no additional cost.

just cause 4

Welcome to Solis, a South American place of conflict, oppression, and extreme weather. In just cause 4, agent Rico Rodriguez will have to seek the truth about his past at all costs. Don your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook and get ready to bring lots of action and adventure.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic adventure full of action-packed puzzles and creative solutions. Armed with a simple magic pen, Max must confront evil at every turn in an incredibly hostile world in order to save his little brother, Felix. You can’t miss this game!

minecraft dungeons

If you’ve never played a Minecraft franchise title, don’t worry. minecraft dungeons will bring you face to face with the same world of Minecraft success as always. This RPG brings many new features, weapons, spells and enemies that will give you a lot of fun in solo or in cooperation with friends.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Moon Studios does not disappoint, in Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will face dangers and must do what is necessary to heal a collapsing land. One of the best fantasy adventure games ever made, it’s available on Xbox Game Pass, and it can’t be left off your list.


OUTRIDERS is a shooter RPG, with a cooperative option for up to 3 players, set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe. As humanity bleeds into the trenches of Enoch, you’ll embark on a journey through a hostile planet. With an incredible story set in a complex world, you will leave the slums of the First City and cross forests, mountains and deserts in search of a mysterious sign. Combining intense firefights with devastating power-ups and a brutal arsenal of gear, OUTRIDERS offers countless hours of gameplay and fun to spare.

The artistic escape

On the eve of his first performance, Francis Vendetti faces the legacy of a late folk legend and the cosmic journeys of his own imagination. In an attempt to escape his uncle’s musical legacy, a teenage guitar prodigy embarks on a psychedelic journey to inspire his personality, seeking who he is not on an adventure through stolen operas, landscapes melodic aliens and the impossible depths of the cosmic extraordinary. .


Dirt it features Rani, one of our brave, hard-working space merchants for a penny, trying their luck on a virgin planet teeming with life. They’ve come in search of valuable resources, and it seems they’ve hit the jackpot… After unlocking the forgotten secrets of a shattered civilization, they must face the curse of a poisonous parasite, all in the middle of a spiral of harmful substances. mistrust. Here you will have to unravel the mystery. Get rid of the goo. Save the planet.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, you play as super soldier BJ Blazkowicz and use elite combat tactics and an arsenal of super advanced weaponry to bring down the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. Join a group of dedicated resistance fighters and launch an offensive across the globe, seeking to uncover the truth about how this regime took over the world so quickly. Detail, you can play the other titles of the Wolfenstein series directly on Game Pass, after all, Bethesda is ours!

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