The concept shows the Galaxy Z which can be folded in several ways

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Samsung Display had already presented some foldable screen concepts in CES 2022 in January. Now based on a Samsung patent, the German site LetsGoDigital published renders and a video showing what a Galaxy Z would look like that can be folded in multiple ways.

Designer Parvez Khan called his model the Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold, and the phone can be folded both horizontally and vertically.


LetsGoDigital, citing Dohyun Kim, claims that the phone is already in development. The screen is visible when the device is unfolded, when closed the screen is hidden and protected by the mobile phone frame.

In addition to its options, the Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold can be fully unfolded and used as a tablet. It is also possible to fold the device in half, one part serving as a screen and another as a virtual keyboard, in a sort of mini notebook. The renders also show that the foldable Galaxy Z would be compatible with styluses. S-stylus.

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