The town hall organizes on Saturday 19 the D-day of the fight against Aedes Aegypti – Region of Destake

Waste disposal will not be permitted; actions will take place in all neighborhoods

From next Saturday, March 19, Ibaté City Hall will lead a joint effort to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya and the Zika virus, in all regions of the city. The action will start in the Jardim Cruzado neighborhood and will continue until it crosses all the neighborhoods.

Elaine Sartorelli Breanza, municipal health secretary, explains that the task force aims to raise awareness among the general population about the risks of the disease, which can kill, and guide them to keep their homes clean and take simple measures to prevent the spread of dengue.

“The beginning of 2022 was very rainy and with the high temperatures, people must understand that this situation helps a lot with the proliferation of Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae. Therefore, the town hall will carry out this working group and the whole population must participate and realize that prevention is always the best cure for dengue,” he said.

Town hall employees will pass with trucks and machines, picking up objects thrown by the population. “It is important that the population waits for the announcement of the sound car or the agents to deposit the materials on the sidewalk”, recalls Elaine. “We point out that the disposal of rubble will not be allowed, which must be deposited in the buckets that are already made available by the town hall,” he added.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Coordinator, Paula Salezzi Fiorani, recalls that Ibaté has already confirmed 28 cases of dengue at the start of the year. “The number is significant compared to previous years. We must redouble our attention to fight Aedes Aegypti, so we ask for everyone’s collaboration. We are going to do our part and we hope to count on the participation of the Ibatean population,” he warned.

Paula points out that the population cannot neglect and must clean their backyards every week, without leaving standing water, avoiding places that can become mosquito breeding sites. “We count on the collaboration of all citizens,” he said.

To fight against the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, boxes, vats and barrels of water must be well covered; put garbage cans in plastic bags and keep garbage cans always tightly closed; do not throw garbage in vacant lots; store glass or plastic bottles, always keep your mouth down; do not allow rainwater to accumulate on the slab; fill small dishes or plant pots with sand to the brim; store old tires, remove all water and keep them in covered places, sheltered from the rain; clean the gutters frequently, preventing branches and leaves from blocking the passage of water; Wash containers used to store water frequently with soap and water, at least once a week.

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