Want even more difficulty in Elden Ring? Take a look at this mod

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Can you imagine not being able to fast travel to a lost grace?

Every time we talk about difficulty in FromSoftware games, it’s always on the easy side, with players clamoring for an easy mode for years in the developer’s games. play with the level difficulty even more difficult, nobody wants, right? so normally Ring of Elden, and all of these games, give even veterans headaches, not to mention upping the difficulty. Did you read the title, modders always work things out like this, for better or for worse.

“This mod is extremely difficult. It’s not for the weak or those who give easy rage,” warns the lead modder, modder “Silentverge02”. “I was sick of seeing all these easy mode mods coming out every day, so I made this mod,” says the modder. “Prepare to Die (Hard Mode)” is a mod that makes Elden Ring somewhat brutal, to say the least.

The official says the mod improves enemy AI, making them more easily aware of your presence, in addition to increasing their stats to increase difficulty. The modder is still working on some aspects of his mods. Check out what this mod does:

Content available in the mod so far

  • Enemy stats such as damage, defense, and stamina are the same with New Game+ but in the first New Game. HP, PF and Stamina stats are original.
  • Improved enemy AI: they will be able to see and hear you “from farther away now”. Thus, enemies will search for the player more fiercely. They will hear a stab in the back and go upstairs. “Enemies are now generally smarter in most cases and sneaking up close to them has become essential to survival” (still in progress – 50% done).
  • Fast travel will be limited to churches and cathedrals only (95% done).
  • Added a wider FOV (field of view).
  • Until the seventh New Game+, enemy difficulty and AI will also scale with the mod.

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The enemy AI modification part is quite interesting, since at certain times the enemy sees his colleague being executed and does not even react. Enemies hear you and see you approaching, but again they don’t react based on distance. They look at the player but stay there. Already the limitation of fast travel, it would make things very complicated because of the size of the map.

So, would you face this level of difficulty? Tell me.

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