Worrying: 182 positives for dengue this year alone at Olympia

gA large number of dengue breeding sites have been discovered by vector control agents, from Saúde de Olímpia, during property visits, whose action has been continuous and intensified all the time. The first three months of 2022 already register 182 positive cases, which is double the number of cases of the last two years. In 2020, 55 positive cases were recorded, and in 2021, 83 cases throughout the year.

Dengue has been “forgotten” in the middle of the new coronavirus pandemic, but it represents, and very much, a danger to human health, the breeding grounds being “authorized” by the lack of attention of the citizens. And deaths continue to occur, for example in Jales (SP), with the confirmation of the first dengue death, a 68-year-old man.


According to the Ministry of Health, since the start of the year, 29,535 properties have been inspected and hundreds of outbreaks of larvae of the transmitter mosquito have been found in unmaintained vacation home swimming pools, dog bowls with uncleaned water, plants and objects such as bottles, containers, cans, buckets, tarps and pots containing standing water.

Officers are committed to raising awareness and taking active action to destroy breeding sites and foci of Aedes Aegypti throughout the municipality.

For the coordinator of the endemic diseases sector, José Roberto Fígaro, daily visits to properties and the elimination of foci by blocking breeding sites are the first actions that must be carried out, not only by the teams but with the help of all population. The municipality continues to promote fogging in areas with positive cases, and to date 14,287 properties have already been fogged and new fogging actions will be carried out in the coming days.

Among the positive cases, the most affected neighborhoods are Centro, São José and the district of Ribeiro dos Santos. During recent visits, the largest focus of breeding sites was found in the neighborhoods of Santa Ifigênia, São José, Jardim Cisoto, Centro and in the district of Ribeiro dos Santos.

Health warns that the first step in the fight against dengue fever is to be aware of the importance of keeping backyards clean and away from breeding sites, as the large number of containers with water and larvae found makes it difficult to control Aedes aegypti. The fight is united and everyone must be attentive to avoid an alarming situation of the disease, as is already the reality in other cities in the region, which have even decreed a dengue epidemic.

If outbreaks are identified or containers with stagnant water accumulate, the endemic disease sector should be notified.

The service is from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at Rua Júlio Ferranti, nº 429, São José, or by telephone (17) 3281-2879.

Residents can also file a complaint with the Mediator, n°162, or via the website.

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