Epic releases In Sound Mind and reveals its next free game

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Today (17), the Epic Games Store released its latest title to platform users. From 1 p.m., players can now claim In the sound mind, a psychological horror title that should appeal to fans of the genre. Additionally, Epic Games also unveiled their next free game next week, Demon’s Tilt.


In the sound mind


In the sound mind is a first-person psychological horror game with frantic puzzles, unparalleled boss battles and an original soundtrack by The living tombstone. Journey through the cogs of the only place you can’t escape: your own mind. The In Sound Mind soundtrack, developed by We create stuff and published by Mod Gamesis composed and produced by Yoav Landaufrom the hit musical The Living Tombstone, with vocal performances by Hayley Nelson Sam Haft Guy First Matan Egozi Helen Laser and Mick Lauer.

Including weather arrangements and tracks made by Alon Meiri and Or “Orko” Cohen. A mix of electronic rock and horror soundscapes that transports the listener into the protagonist’s broken mind Desmond Wales. But unfortunately for those who want this fantastic trail, should buy at Epic for R$35.90.

Demon’s Tilt


Demon’s Tilt is a pinball game by American indie game developer Adam Ferrando under your name WIZNWARreleased on Steam Early Access in January 2019, then returned to the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox Oneand nintendo switch in December 2019. The game features hidden inspiration from HP Lovecraft, tarot and other horror themes. The game has been called the spiritual successor to the pinball game series. smash pinballThis is, Devil’s Blow.

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