Gran Turismo 7: the new patch makes it difficult to buy new cars

Gran Turismo 7 was very well received at launch, but developer Polyphony Digital made some controversial decisions regarding the online microtransaction system and, in the latest patch released today (17), made it even harder to buy cars online. using free in-game currency!

Since patch 1.07, completing races earns you significantly less money, which indirectly ends up serving as an artificial push to the PlayStation Store to buy more credits.

According to the website Chronicle of video games, which conducted a survey in conjunction with the community, some races have seen a drastic reduction in prize money. The World Touring Car 800: 24 Hours of Le Mans Racing Circuit, for example, went from 70,000 to 5,000 credits, the same value as the Monza circuit.

Dozens of other tracks have experienced proportional gain nerfs, which is unfortunate, especially as the price of many high-end cars has risen from the already lofty values ​​of GT Sports.

It should be remembered that here at Voxel the game has been rated 96 by myself, but before the review embargo was lifted, the online microtransaction system was not active yet. If this were the case, the score of the game would be reduced, because this imbalance is very abusive and anti-consumer. And you, what did you think of this story? Comments below!

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