Maniche’s wife brings charges against Pedro Sousa – Fora de Campo

Joana Carvalho leaves a comment on the ex-player’s Instagram post

Maniche received many messages of support after he posted on the networks about the incident with Pedro Sousa. In one of the comments, the ex-player’s wife accused the journalist of being a friend of Meité’s agent. “You are still messing up his business,” wrote Joana Carvalho, who also spoke about censorship, referring to Pedro Sousa “not liking freedom of expression.”


Maniche leaves Canal 11 after a heated discussion and reacts:

Headbutting and kicking: the discussion between Maniche and Pedro Sousa ended in the worst possible way

Former player Jorge Costa also commented on the post Maniche made on Instagram: “Big big! Kiss my friend.”

Maniche had a falling out on Tuesday evening, live with Pedro Sousa, presenter of the show Futebol Total and also director of the channel.

The journalist accused Maniche of having disrespected Meité, the Benfica midfielder, while the former player defended having already given identical opinions compared to other sportsmen, citing the example of the player of the FC Porto Zaidu. During the break, the situation got out of control and the former midfielder reached headbutt and kick to Pedro Sousa, after being seized by Rui Vitória and António Carraça.


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