Polio vaccination coverage in 2021 was the worst in 9 years

The year 2021 recorded the worst vaccination coverage against polio since 2012. Annually, it is planned to vaccinate 95% of children against polio. diseasesbut last year the index did not exceed 67.7%.

It’s as if only 3 out of 10 children took the drops responsible for eradicating the Infantile paralysis in Brazil. The decline in the vaccination rate had already been observed in recent years, increasing between 2019 and 2020.


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In 2012, the Brazil recorded a rate of 96.55% of children vaccinated with the first three doses against poliomyelitis during the first year of life. In 2013, the country achieved 100% vaccination coverage.

The infectiologist and director of the Brazilian Society of Vaccinations (SBIm), Renato Kfouri, explained in an interview with the G1 portal that the Covid-19 pandemic may have caused this scramble in the search for the vaccine. The doctor also stresses the importance of parents returning to have their children vaccinated against poliomyelitis and other various diseases.

Gerson Salvador, an infectious disease specialist at the University Hospital of São Paulo (USP), reports that the management of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is also one of the culprits for the decrease in vaccination coverage throughout Brazil.

Baby receiving vaccine drops in the mouth
Polio vaccination coverage in 2021 was the worst in 9 years. Image: Gorlov-KV/Shutterstock

Salvador points out that the financing of primary care by the Single health system (SUS) has fallen and it is possible to witness a “dismantling of the national vaccination program”. In addition, the infectiologist recalls the importance of teams from health facilities working in partnership with society to control who is vaccinated or not.

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