Rebrov: “I hope our Ukraine will get rid of people like Timoshuk” – International

The Ukrainian football legend is against the position of the player with the most caps in the country

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk has been the target of strong criticism from Ukrainian sportsmen. The most capped player in the history of the country now invaded by Russia, lives in enemy territory and retains the role of assistant coach at Zenit Saint Petersburg. The silence adopted by the former midfielder, married to a Russian, put off a good part of his former teammates. This time, it was Ukrainian football legend Serhiy Rebrov who also raised his voice against Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, who was already sanctioned by the Football Federation of Ukraine. “Unfortunately, there is a category of people who understand that they are not going to return to Ukraine and that nobody needs them in Europe. Maybe some of them have a position, but they don’t do not express it and keep silent. This applies not only to athletes. Of course, Tymoshchuk is worried about what is happening somewhere inside him, but he probably needs to feed his family and this is more important for him only his civic position. It’s his life. It’s only in a war that you can’t take a neutral position. I sit for a few weeks and wait to see which side will prevail and then I will express my opinion. It’s not like that. It won’t happen and I hope our Ukraine gets rid of people like him,” Al Ain’s Autocar reiterated to the ‘zbirna’ portal.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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