Samsung renews Neo QLED TV lineup for 2022

Samsung is one of the biggest smart TV manufacturers in the world, with some of the best smart TVs on the market in Portugal. Now, the South Korean manufacturer is making known its new range of 8K and 4K Neo QLED TVs in our market.

The new Neo QLED televisions are indeed available for pre-order from March 16 in Portugal. The range builds on last year’s well-known equipment range and features significant model updates.

Plus, we’ve got some cutting-edge new features that translate to big leaps in both image quality and performance.

The new range of Samsung Neo QLED TVs has arrived in Portugal

Samsung Neo QLED for 2022

First of all, the new range of televisions is equipped with flagship the model QN900B and includes several ranges, with sizes between 43″ and 85″. Thus, there are screens for everyone and for different consumer profiles.

For interested consumers, here are the highlights of the Neo QLED range:

  • QN900B, Neo QLED 8K, 85 inch, with PVP of €11,999.99
  • QN900B, Neo QLED 8K, 75 inch, with RRP of €7,699.99
  • QN800B, Neo QLED 8K, 65 inch, with RRP of €3,999.99
  • QN95B, Neo QLED 4K, 55 inch, with PVP of €2,599.99

The highlight goes to the superior image quality

The Samsung Neo QLED range presented the new models in December 2021, which are now coming to market in Portugal. The new range indeed brings a host of exciting innovations in image quality features.

First, the Quantum Mini LED light source is better than ever with the inclusion of 14-bit HDR mapping. At the same time, with Quantum Matrix technology (which controls the Mini LEDs with maximum precision), as well as shape adaptive light which makes the image more realistic.

New Samsung Smart TVs offer Super Surround Sound

Samsung smart TV

The new TVs deliver uninterrupted surround sound, the best in its class. Thus, according to the manufacturer, Samsung’s Neo QLED televisions are equipped with multidirectional speakers. Plus, for the first time, with Dolby Atmos technology.

Simply put, all to deliver a truly immersive and cinematic viewing experience. Likewise, in addition to this quantum leap in sound quality, they include other features such as Object Tracking Sound (OTS).

More than a TV, a real Samsung Smart TV


In addition to the improved picture and audio-visual experience, Samsung’s smart features are enhanced to provide users with functionality and a greater level of customization. All this to make Smart TV truly “yours”.

Specifically, the latest advancements include an updated interface that makes it easier to navigate and find content. Here including the extensive Samsung TV Plus channel offer.

The new Neo QLED smart TVs are available from April 6

In addition, the interface also incorporates features that allow greater accessibility for users with auditory limitations (subtitles, sign language zoom or multi-output audio) or visual limitations (color inversion, high contrast, zoom or SeeColors for color blind people).

Finally, in addition to the smart home experience, Samsung Smart TV users will also be able to connect to a range of smart devices through the built-in Smart Hub.

Consumers can learn more about the Samsung Neo QLED 2022 lineup here, with the product available for purchase from Samsung’s online store from April 6.

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