See 3 no-impact physical activities that help you lose weight at home

AT non-impact activities are those where they do not exist constant collisions between the body and the surface. That is, they don’t require you to run, jump, or hit targets. Basic feature for people who have some kind of chronic joint pain, for example.

The good news is that, contrary to what some might think, non-impact activities not limited to strength exercises, nor less effective than other types of sport. With them, it is quite possible to spend a good amount of calorieslose weight, improve cardiorespiratory fitness and increase lean body mass.

That’s why, with the help of experts from the online training platform, Queima Diaria, we’ve separated three good options for non-impact activities to add to your daily life. To verify:


“Yoga is a physical activity that also benefits mental health. The movements require strength, balance and flexibility combined with breath control, which together benefit the core, help shape the body, increase flexibility and muscle strength. All this generating caloric expenditure with a low impact on the joints, ”says physical educator Flávio Areal.

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