Tunic is the latest game available on Xbox Game Pass

The little independent game is one of the surprise releases of the month.

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Each month, the team of Xbox presents in preview, in two stages, what gamers can expect in the catalog of Xbox subscriptions. And throughout the month there are surprises, as is the case with Tunic.

Presented at the E3 2018, during the Xbox conference, the game developed by the Andrew Shoudice caught the attention of players with the simplicity and excellent appearance of the indie game, which at the time was a kind of “one-man project”.

Four years later, with a team ready and a bigger game, Tunic finds a secret passage to get started, which also happens in the Xbox Game Pass.

It’s an adorable action-adventure game, from an isometric perspective, reminiscent of classics like The Legend of Zeldawhere you control a little fox, in a giant world, full of monsters to fight and secrets to unlock.

Along with its adorable low poly appearance and pastel color palette, the game defines itself as a challenging experience, where the player will have to learn attack, deflection and defense timing to overcome any challenge, and learn to manage your resources well towards the next point of interest.

The game already has reviews from the most professional international circles, with general opinion giving Tunic high marks, averaging 85 points in the Metacritic and not OpenCritic.

Tunic is available for PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

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