Uncomfortable climate of violence: the Will Smith effect?

This week, the American comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage, in the middle of the show. His assailant had on him a fake rifle with an integrated blade. Doesn’t that make you CA.PO.TER?

After Will Smith who slapped Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars ceremony for the cause of a bad joke, are we trivializing the fact of physically punishing someone who says things that we don’t like?

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yesterday in The newspaper, we try the microphone to different comedians who affirmed in chorus: “No one is safe from anything”.

We remember that at one time, Guy Nantel presented his show under police surveillance. The Quebec police are waiting for a man who had made death threats against him. Weapons were seized from his home.

If some comedians are more “consensual”, those who are more “controversial” are not immune. More at the same time, in 2022, you never know from which side the controversies will come…

We do not yet know what were the motivations of the man who attacked Chappelle… more we know that Chappelle, that evening, had spoken of his security which had been increased, and of the attacks of which he said he was the object by transgender people who called transphobic.

This atmosphere of violence is worrying in the field of humor, more, by extension, in all the fields where individuals emit opinions which displease.

An example? JK Rowling who has received countless death threats. Why ? For having dared to affirm that only women menstruate, proposals deemed transphobic by some activists.

Even if he does not suffer physical aggression, he is “cancelled”: when HBO does a special two-hour issue on Harry Potter, he only appears for 30 seconds… with archive footage. It’s not violent, is it?

Last week, I spoke to QUB Radio about Jeff Fillion’s departure from CHOI Radio X. You should see the violent reactions on the web. “You’re a gambling caliss. I hate you for shooting. Don’t be surprised to be bullied afterwards. No one will take pity on you. Nobody’s gonna cry at your funeral either!! It will be a party. »

“A GoFundme for your return to France, you donated $1000 when you left. »

“One day you will meet a madman who will make you pay for the shit you say”.

Columnists, politicians, artists express opinions that do not please Jean, Jacques or Jacqueline should all have the right to live in safety, without a tata slapping them, attacking them, threatening them or insulting them.


Earlier this year, amid the controversy over the singer whose name I’m not allowed to say, a netizen wrote to me, “Hope you’ll get raped and lacerated.”

I filed a complaint with the police. An investigator from station 26 called the individual at his work and told him that if he reoffended he would face the charges.

Like what all the police are far from being bastards…

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