The wearables market falls by 22.8% in Portugal in the first quarter of 2022

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After analyzing the global wearables market, described by IDC, where there was a 3% decline in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the same period last year, Portugal recorded an even more pronounced decline. “The wearables market in Portugal suffered a larger decline, of 22.8% compared to the same period last year, due to the drop in audio products and watchessaid Francisco Jerónimo, associate vice president of IDC, to SAPO TEK.

The analyst explains that this fall was not so much due to the lack of demand, although he points out that it has slowed down, after the strong growth recorded in recent quarters. The main reason is due to the inability of manufacturers to deliver products to stores. The lack of components remains the main constraint for the brands, leading to weaker than expected growth.

Before the analysis by the brands, Francisco Jerónimo explained the difference between certain product categories, namely Earwear, which are audio products that activate a digital assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant. It also distinguishes the difference between basic wearables, which are watches that work in a real-time operating system that does not allow the installation of additional applications., working only with those that are pre-installed; and smart wearables are smart watches that let you download third-party apps.

See in the gallery the tables of wearables on the Portuguese market:

In this sense, the Apple dominates the domestic smartwatch market, recording 52.5% growth in the first quarter of the yeardistributing 48,600 units (34,409 in headphones and 14,191 in smartwatches), recording a market share of 19.5% and 35% respectively.

again the Xiaomi leads the private headphones market, although it fell 59.8% in the first quarter, which seems very little, considering that in the same period last year it increased by 5,189.6%. The company has sold a total of 39,027 units in this category and holds a market share of 22.2% during this period. The Chinese manufacturer, in total, fell 57.5% in the quarter, compared to growth of 546.2% last year.

Xiaomi continues to be the leader in wearables in the country, with the sale of 84,062 units (almost twice as many as Apple, which appears in third). The company has a wearables share of 25.1%, followed by Huawei with 19.3% of the share and 64,568 units distributed, mainly using the basic wearables of watches where it is in the lead and smart bracelets where it is. second.

THE Apple thus takes third place in the overall wearables market, with 48,600 units, but it is the one that has grown the most over the quarter, 52.5%, holding 14.5% of the market.. Samsung is the fourth best-selling brand in Portugal, although it does not stand out in any category. It ranks third among connected watches, behind Apple and Garmin.

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