Amazon may not have anyone to hire in the US in 2024

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Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, known above all for its vast online sales platform, among other services.

However, according to information revealed by an internal report, Amazon may run out of workers to hire in the United States of America by 2024.

Amazon may not be able to hire people in the US in 2024

Information from an internal Amazon report was recently leaked, revealing that the company's warehouses are at serious risk of not having enough employees to meet the needs for fast deliveries.

Amazon's service has a huge volume of sales and as such needs a large number of workers so that customers do not miss anything. But that could then become a problem in a few years, according to data from the now-released report.

The information was revealed by the chain Registrationin which it is stated that:

If we carry on as business as usual, Amazon will run out of available work on the US network in 2024.

Amazon has calculated the workers it has in each of its warehouses. And it was based on the level of wages in the region and the distance between workers' homes and company premises, as well as other factors. In short, the company only refers to people who might be hired by it, not the general population.

The document was prepared in mid-2021 and estimated that the available workforce in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area would be exhausted by the end of 2021. In the Inland Empire region, located in 100 km east of Los Angeles, California, this would happen at the end of this year 2022. Other areas at risk would be Memphis (Tennessee) and Wilmington (Delaware).

In turn, the same report does not highlight a solution to this problem, but it presents some measures to deal with the situation. Among these same measures are a salary increase, which would increase expenses; investment in automation, which would draw criticism from labor advocates; and improve employee retention.

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