Samsung will have a stock of 50 million smartphones due to falling demand

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Samsung remains the best-selling smartphone brand in Europe and globally, but demand for these devices dropped drastically. After two difficult years due to COVID-19 and the shortage of chips, 2022 was shaping up to be a year of real recovery… but the war changed everything again.

Samsung is expected to have a huge stock of smartphones held back, with no demand. Sources speak of 50 million devices.

Samsung will have a stock of 50 million smartphones due to a sharp drop in demand

According a publication made by a South Korean media, Samsung is facing a serious stock problem. There will indeed be more than 50 million smartphones stopped, in addition to those already owned by retailers.

Samsung will stock 50 million devices

Samsung will aim to sell around 270 million smartphones this year, but the 50 million stopped already represent 18% of this value. An acceptable value to have in stock is around 10%, so the problem for the manufacturer seems to be real.

It will be the A line, Samsung's bestseller, which has the most difficulty leaving the warehouses. In addition to the fierce supply in this range, there are still low demand issues around the world.

In view of these sales declines, the company will have already reduced its demand for components from its suppliers by 30% to 70% between April and May. In addition, sales of 20 million units per month recorded at the beginning of the year, fell to 10 million in May.

The year 2022 was to be a year of growth after two years hit by the pandemic and the shortage of components, the manufacturer's forecasts should therefore have been revised upwards, like those of other companies in the sector. However, the war unfolding in Ukraine has serious economic consequences for the whole world, with a general increase in inflation.

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