FAI with a drop of 22.2 cents on diesel and 25.9 on gasoline – Energia

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“Given the prospect of price action next week, the FAI discount [Imposto sobre Produtos Petrolíferos] currently in force for diesel will remain unchanged. In the case of gasoline, there is a reduction in the rebate of 0.4 cents (VAT + FAI), “read a press release from the Ministry of Finance.

In total, given the reduction in the tax burden on fuel via the weekly PAI review mechanism and the reduction in the unit rates of this tax to the equivalent of a VAT rate (Value Added Tax ) of 13%, the discount will be 22.2 cents per liter of diesel and 25.9 cents per liter of gasoline.

The executive noted that to these values ​​is added the “non-discounting” of the carbon tax at around six cents per liter.

The situation will be reassessed next week.

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