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eBUPi – Mission structure for the expansion of the simplified cadastral information system, made available, at the beginning of this month, the first version of the mobile application of the Balcão Único do Prédio, the TheppBUPi.

Developed with the aim of providing owners with a tool allowing them to capture the geographical coordinates of the land, the BUPi app This allows the creation of a polygon from the configuration obtained by delimiting the boundaries of the properties, which can be integrated into the Balcão Único do Prdio platform in the form of a sketch and, later, confirmed by the qualified technician of the BUPi Balcão throughout the process. .registration.

How to use the BUPi app?

1- Download the BUPi app;
2- Mark the vertices of your property;
3- Save your land;
4- Share information about your land.

The identification and registration of rustic and mixed land is mandatory for most acts that involve a transfer of ownership or a land structuring operation, namely the purchase, sale, rental, detachment and consolidation of properties, and do not involve any increase in taxes. . Thus, if you wish to sell your land, it is mandatory that it be identified and registered with the Conservatória.

For additionally mandatory, the whole process is free.

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