GTA 6 | Rockstar Games updates its official site with dozens of job offers

the development of GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto VI) in full swing at rock star games and the new job offers in the most varied studios of the production company prove it.

According to the website GameSpot more than 70 new job offers have been added in the last hours. In total, there are 227 open positions. THE rock star games is looking for collaborators for “open world events” and also to create “innovative interactive stories”.

You can enjoy and check out the latest official GTA 6 news in the player below:

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Jobs at Rockstar Games for GTA 6?

Job openings also include jobs for animators, engineers, testers, and are spread across the company’s studios. new york rock star, Rockstar North, San Diego Rockstar, New England Rockstar and rockstar india.

Jobs at Rockstar Games for GTA 6?
Jobs at Rockstar Games for GTA 6?

Although not specified, it is almost certain that these job offers are related to the GTA 6. However, there is a position that mentions the controversy GTA+ which could also be taken to the next Grand Theft Auto.

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