Jean-Marc Parent reveals a new health problem

Passing through Sweety saltyJean-Marc Parent revealed that he had new health concerns.

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In an interview with Patrice Bélanger a few days before his two JMP evenings which will take place at Place des Arts as part of the Just for Risore festival, the humor revealed that he had learned that he had the onset of diabetes.

“I’m quite in tabarn… But it’s my fault! You didn’t lose weight in time, well that’s it. I’m hiding ! Do you have any idea how I hood? I collapse ! the spear of one who is recognized for hypochondriac tendencies before adding that he now called his doctor each time he shot himself. This last obviously tries somehow to reassure him.

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When the host then asked his guest if he had changed anything in his diet to help his new condition, Jean-Marc replied tit for tat: “No, but I’m calling André [son médecin] more often!”, which did not fail to make Patrice Bélanger laugh.

Remember that in 2020, Jean-Marc Parent expects to be hospitalized urgently due to diverticulitis, which caused him to lose half of his blood. Once cured, he had to go back to the hospital to be removed not once or twice, more than 27 kidney stones.

JMP Event will take place on July 22 and 23 at Place des Arts. There are still a few tickets available.

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