VIDEO: Butantan Institute’s Dengue Vaccine Enters Homestretch; see what is known

The dengue vaccine developed by the Butantan Institute is at the end of phase 3 testing. After being shown to be safe and immunogenic in the early stages of clinical trials, the vaccinator it was applied to more than 16,000 volunteers, again in 2016. Since then, the group has been supported by researchers.

Butantan Institute's dengue vaccine enters home stretch - Photo: Playback/Pixabay/NDButantan Institute’s Dengue Vaccine Enters Homestretch – Photo: Reproduction/Pixabay/ND

It is planned to end the research by 2024. Only after that, with the approval of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), can the immunizing agent be released. available to the general population. Progress so far is promising. In the first two phases, the immunizing agent induces the generation of antibodies in 100% of individuals who have already had dengue fever and in more than 90% of those who have never had contact with the virus.

Apart from efficacy, safety was guaranteed as no serious adverse effects were recorded. Only mild symptoms such as fatigue and headache. The vaccine being developed uses the technique of weakened virus, which induces the production of antibodies, preventing the attack of the body’s cells.

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