Legal abortion in Brazil in 6 questions | Daniela Pedroso | Drauzio Varella

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Drauzio Varella

Drauzio Varella Drauzio Varella is an oncologist and writer. He was one of the pioneers of AIDS treatment in Brazil. Among his most successful books are Estação Carandiru, Por um Fio and O Médico Doente.

Daniela Pedroso, psychologist and master in maternal and child health, explains how legal abortion works in Brazil today.

Daniela Pedroso is a psychologist, master in maternal and child health and has worked for years with the legal abortion in the country. Here, the procedure is provided for by law in three cases: when there is a risk of maternal death, when the pregnancy is the result of sexual violence and when the fetus presents anencephaly.

In this video, the specialist answers up to how many months the abortion can be performed, what documents are needed to perform it, where and how it can happen, in addition to highlighting how health professionals must act in the face of choice of a wife. Watch and learn more.

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