Covid-19 and flu: a doctor explains the symptoms and gives advice on how to differentiate: “Although there are also cases”


Salvador Peiró, public health specialist and researcher in pharmacoepidemiology at Fisabio, commented on the subject

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

flu or Covid-19? With the temperature change in various regions of the Brazil, many people have this doubt. After all, the increase in cases of novel coronavirus worried, but can easily be mistaken for a bad cold or flu – especially if your vaccinations are up to date. Yesterday (24), the country recorded 42 new deaths.

Thus, in total 677,021 since the start of the pandemic. To avoid confusion and questions, the ‘BBC News’ look for Salvador Peiropublic health specialist and researcher in pharmacoepidemiology at Fisabioa biomedical research foundation in Spain. He explained the main differences between covid it’s the flu.

“Covid can have all kinds of symptoms. This can range from no symptoms to very flu-like symptoms. At the moment, we see more dry coughs and fewer problems with anosmia (loss of smell), although there are also cases. Likewise, it can cause anything from mucus in the nose to something more like a cold.said.

Overall, the covid develops a typical picture of respiratory viruses, with a certain peculiarity in some cases. Always second perrothe vast majority of infected people don’t realize it until they go to the hospital for scheduled surgery: “In fact, between 20 and 25% of people have no symptoms”concluded the specialist.

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