The new electric car lasts up to seven months without having to be recharged

light year

The car will hit the market in November and will cost 249,000 euros. The vehicle is equipped with solar cells that allow the battery to be recharged while the car is in motion, without having to plug it into the socket.

A famous advertisement already said that the battery lasts, lasts, lasts. But there is a new model of luxury electric car that doesn’t need batteries to last, last, last.

THE start electric vehicles light year unveiled its first mass-production-ready model – a solar-powered electric car that the company guarantees it can drive for seven months without having to be plugged in. Yes, seven months.

The price is not very attractive and is only accessible to a few, as it costs $254,000 (249 thousand euros). However, the company is already thinking about customers whose wallets are not so stuffed and promises that it is working on a design that should be ready in 2024 or 2025 and will start at 30 thousand dollars.

“We’re trying to make a difference, not for the millionaire who can afford a $254,000 car, but to get to the point where a normal person can buy a car. durable and reliable vehicle who wins on all points to one econobox (cheap car that consumes little fuel) that you can buy at any time,” reveals Telian Franken, the leader of the team that developed the prototype.

The car is called Lightyear 0 and was created to be incredibly efficient and has a autonomy of nearly 545 kilometers. The vehicle is covered in solar cells which the company guarantees will provide up to 70 kilometers per day on battery power in the best weather conditions.

In cloudy climates, like in the Netherlands, a person who travels 22 kilometers a day can spend two months charging their car. Those who live in a sunnier country, such as Spain, can spend up to seven months without having to plug in the car.

Production of the Lightyear 0 is expected to begin this fall with the first cars hitting the market in November, reports the think big.

This innovation is a new step that makes electric cars even more attractive in a world already suffer from climate change and where the energy transition is urgent.

One of the most frequently mentioned issues with electric vehicles is lack of range, lagging charging and lack of charging stations – but models like Lightyear are changing that scenario.

Adriana Peixoto, ZAP //

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