Britney Spears: new shocking revelations

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If he is disorderly free and marries, the pop star nonetheless haunted by the painful memories of her tutelage. According to legal documents that have resurfaced on the web, Britney Spears would have been drugged without her knowledge by her former teams, who wanted to take control of her career and her fortune. These documents involve in particular Tri Star, the former management company of the singer directed by Lou Taylor, who played a major role in the tutelage of Britney, pocketing the passage 18 million dollars. According to these revelations, Lou Taylor would have tricked with the former lawyer of the star, Geraldine Wyle, to reach his films.

Written evidence

“Emails show that Lou Taylor conspired with the lawyer to drug Britney and have her placed under conservatorship,” a source said. Following the shocking revelations, Britney’s current attorney, Mathew Rosengart, has pledged to investigate Tri Star. We can therefore expect new revelations, especially as Britney’s father, Jamie, accused of having spied on his daughter during her guardianship, will have to answer questions from the courts on the suspicions hanging over him.

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