Marie-Christine Lavoie announces that she is in a relationship with her high school kick

It is through her Facebook account that the host and designer of Design VIP, Marie-Christine Lavoie, the announcement no longer be a heart to take.

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Indeed, the mother and completely inspiring woman is in love again and not just anyone; the beauty has found love again in the arms of her kick from high school. Nothing mills!

It is in the legend, on magnificent shots taken in the dunes, under a magnificent hot sun that we guess that Marie-Christine Lavoie made the wonderful announcement.

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“A few months ago, I met my prince Aladdin. He offered me a dune and I accepted. It was at the other end of the world that the wish of my magic lamp came true and that I found my childhood crush from high school.

Love is inspiration and I wish you the same”.

We wish the lovebirds a lot of happiness!

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