The demand for refurbished smartphones continues to grow and the future is bright

Refurbished smartphones are essentially second-hand devices that have been more or less used, fully tested and evaluated by experts, and put back on sale with adjusted prices. Stores tend to offer warranties on these products and the market is increasingly relying on these offers.

Confidence is increasing to such an extent that it is predicted that by 2027 there will be an increase in sale of refurbished smartphones of 10.23% per year.

The demand for refurbished smartphones continues to grow and the future is bright

The future of refurbished smartphones

In 2021, refurbished smartphone sales increased by 15% compared to the previous year. This demand has basically occurred with the best products from Samsung and Apple.

Moreover, with the exception of Africa, according to Counterpoint dataall regions of the world saw demand increase by more than 10%, with countries in Latin America (LATAM) seeing a 29% increase in sales.

Looking ahead, the outlook is even more encouraging for the market. Statista recently presented a graph showing the evolution of refurbished smartphone sales with a forecast for the next 5 years.

As described, an annual growth rate of around 10.23% is expected. Thus, 2021 ended with estimated refurbished smartphone sales at 251.09 million units, which means that in 2027 sales are expected to be around 459.86 million units.


Nowadays, having a refurbished smartphone means much more than having a more affordable smartphone, because it does. A model in these conditions, according to the classification (grade) given by the store, after careful evaluation and repair of some necessary details, is undoubtedly a cheaper option than a new model.

But more than that, having a refurbishment means having a more environmentally sustainable life. With these products we minimize waste and combat the problem that exists in the world today of huge amounts of technological waste.

Besides, if your old smartphone is forgotten in a drawer at home, it can still be useful to someone. Open Box Mobile, for example, has a recovery program very interesting, which evaluates your smartphone for free and pays you a fair value, then proceeds to resell it as refurbished or simply giving it a dignified and environmentally friendly end.

THE Movable open box It still sells refurbished smartphones of many brands, including Apple products, but it also offers a range of computers, tablets, peripherals, accessories and even products such as electric bicycles. In addition, it also repairs all types of technological products.

With a growing supply of refurbished devices, one has to be careful about the reputation of the stores, so as not to buy a poorly rated product or not to have quality after-sales support afterwards. Looking at customer reviews is extremely relevant. And since we are talking about Open Box Mobile, which is growing every day, this store has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in the trusted driver.

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