The fighting game inspired by “LoL” will be free,

Future fighting game inspired by the universe of “League of Legends», « Project L » will be a Game free to play. The news was announced by Riot Games last Monday (1st) in a dev diary video on the developer’s YouTube channel. The announcement was made by “Project L” Senior Manager Tom Cannon.

In the video, Cannon says the positive audience responses helped the production and that the match is to make it accessible to different people.


Image: Reproduction / Riot
Image: Reproduction / Riot

“We want you to be able to play regardless of where you live, your skill level, or how much money you need to invest in a game,” Cannon said. “To that end, I’m happy to confirm that ‘Project L’ will be free-to-play. If you’ve ever played a Riot game, this probably won’t come as a surprise.”

An important factor due to the organization of the other titles of the Riot, the game monetization system did not receive operation information. According to Cannon, the team will respect players’ “time and pocket”.

The video also brings more details on the game’s gameplay and a new “LoL” character that will be present in “Project L”: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess. Additionally, Cannon reveals that more game news will be released later this year.

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Although given this name, “Project L” still does not have an official title. At the moment, the game also does not have an expected release date.

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