Michel Courtemanche explains why he left humor

It is in interview with the host Patrice Bélanger, as part of the program Sweety salty broadcast Wednesday evening on the TVA antenna, that comedian and actor Michel Courtemanche opened up about the reason that led him to leave the comedy scene.

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Indeed, cell has been several years since we have seen the comedian Michael Courtemanche on stage to give us a comedy show and that’s not about to change.

“I don’t have the plan to come back on tour,” he said.

The actor mentioned to Patrice Bélanger that when he decided not to do any more scenes, he had no intention of going back to it: “Never”, he insisted.

However, as part of the next ComédiHa!, after 30 years away from the world of humor, Courtemanche will put on his stage shoes for the time to host the prestigious evening where he will be surrounded by former colleagues and friends from the world.

Remember that the reason behind the fact that he decided to leave comedy is that he had a great deal of stage fright before his shows.

Eventually, the actor resorted to hypnotherapy in an attempt to get rid of this annoying paralyzing sensation. Now, after no less than five sessions, Michel Courtemanche assures us that stage fright is no longer part of his life.

“Over time, it’s a market. I don’t have stage fright anymore. It’s like a memory,” he said.

Although he no longer performs on stage, Michel Courtemanche is still an actor and host.

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