The debris scares the return to Earth and can injure people in some places

THE australian space agency (ASA) is investigating the fall of an object believed to be a piece of luggage compartment from one of the capsules of the crew dragonlaunched in November 2020. The object, potentially residual of SpaceXre-entered the planet’s atmosphere on July 9.

Debris that fell on a farm in Australia may belong to SpaceX (Image: SpaceX on Unsplash)

Farmers discover SpaceX space junk in Australia

According to reports, the boom caused by the object was immense and could be heard in areas of Albury, Canberra, snow capped mountains and Wagga Wagga. Although he fell on a farm in the south New South Wales.

The wreckage, three large pieces, was found between the 14th and 25th of last month, one of them stuck in the ground resembling a stake.

I didn’t know what to think, I had no idea what it wassaid farmer Mick Miners, the person tasked with finding the last of the three-meter-tall pieces. Surprised by the discovery, he reports having contacted his neighbor Jack Wallace.


SpaceX space junk
Jock Wallace, Mick Miners Brad Tucker next to one of the wrecks (Image: Playback/Adriane Reardon via ABC South East NSW)

Wallace commented that he didn’t hear the noise, but that his daughters would have been scared. Even so, he found one of the other wrecks. When he contacted the authorities, he was instructed to inform the Nasa (United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Investigation of the source of the wreckage

Today, ASA and NASA have joined forces to identify exactly what the objects are and where they come from. Your task shouldn’t be too difficult, as one of the parts found had a serial number on it.

According to the astrophysicist Australian National University School of ScienceBrad Tucker, who had the opportunity to inspect the wreckage, they are probably part of the Space X Dragon. More precisely from the non-pressurized hold of the ship.

After analyzing the trajectory of the wreckage, the conclusions point to the spacecraft used in the mission. Crew-1where three astronauts were taken to ISS (International Space Station) in 2020.

Space debris falling to the ground is a rare event

According to the scientist, it must be the largest such object ever documented from the space station skylab, given Nasafell back to Earth in 1979. He also stated that such occurrences are extremely rare.

“It’s very rare to see something like this because they don’t usually land on land, they fall into the ocean,” Tucker said.

So far the SpaceX The origin of the wreckage has yet to be confirmed, but Tucker said the company can easily verify whether or not the serial number belongs to the Dragon Crew capsule.

Source: ABC News

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