Who captures the most investment in influencer marketing: Instagram or TikTok? – Media advertising

By Media Advertising August 5, 2022

An Insider Intelligence report indicates that in 2022, US advertisers are expected to invest $2.23 billion in influencer marketing on Instagram compared to $774.8 million on TikTok. According to data published by AdAge, on YouTube the investment amounts to 948 million while on Facebook it amounts to 739 million dollars.

Insider Intelligence estimates that 74.5% of US advertisers will have an influencer marketing project this year. “TikTok is growing in popularity for influencer marketing, but it still falls short of Instagram in terms of marketing investment,” Jasmine Eenberg, analyst at Insider Intelligence, quoted by AdAge. “This is partly due to the higher prices that Instagram creators charge for content, but also to the wide variety of content formats, most of which can be purchased,” says the same manager, who warns that many creators on TikTok have views and followers. that rival or surpass those of Instagram and YouTube.

When do brands bet on TikTok?

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