WWE RAW: A fired wrestler is taken out by security

This week, we learn that Triple H wanted to bring back even more Superstars who are no longer in WWE for various reasons.

A new face appeared on the August 8, 2022 episode of RAW. Indeed, AJ Styles was celebrating in the ring following his main event victory and security released a man who was… Dexter Lumis. Commentators confirmed that it was indeed the former NXT wrestler.

Lumis was fired from WWE on April 29, 2022 during the company’s cuts without having had a chance to shine in the main roster. We will have to watch where we will take the return of this wrestler who played a strange role and who refused to talk.

For this edition of RAW, there was a common thread on a few occasions during the background segments where we saw a car crashed against a wall. Security guards were then seen running from the scene of the accident to another location. And finally the security guards were in ringside to get Dexter Lumis out. Which suggests that Lumis had this car accident. You will have to watch the next editions of RAW to see what happens next.

Video of Dexter Lumis at the end of RAW:

Photo credit: WWE

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