Couples in the spotlight on the red carpet!

A crowd of artists and friends came to attend this premiere, coming to relaunch the successes Beautiful, The Age of Cathedrals, Living, just like for see the game Bruno Pelletier and Daniel Lavoie in the guise of the famous gringo etc Frollo!

On the red carpet, on a cross: Jean-François Baril, Mélissa Bédard, Simon Boulerice, Yvon Deschamps, Krystel Mongeau, Audrey-Louise Beauséjour, Mireille Deyglun and Jean-François Lépine, Elyzabeth Diaga, Anne-Marie Dussault and Marc Laurendeau, Jean-Marc Généreux, Julie Houle, Isabelle Huot, Geneviève Schmidt and Daniel Corbin, Louis-Olivier Mauffette, Josélito Michaud, Véronique Béliveau and their daughter, Pablo Rodriguez and many others.

The lovers were at the rendezvous at the big premiere and we fell for the chemistry always present between Yvon Deschamps and Judi Richards.

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