Street Artist Simulator, the simulation of the Art of making good Graffiti

It will not take many words to describe what the game recently presented by the Polish studios of the Shining Games studio Street Artist Simulator is.

A simulation a little different from what we are used to. Come see…

Polish studios Shining Games studio recently presented their next project, Street Artist Simulator.

It is a simulator whose objective is quite different from what we are used to seeing in video games: street artists.

As will be more or less obvious, Street Artist Simulator puts the player in the shoes of a street artist who, using his imagination, tries to create the best and most innovative street graffiti.

The main focus of the fun of the game is mainly the imaginative process of creating our graffiti, but also finding unique places to paint it. And this, of course, while remaining invisible to the authorities.

However, members of the Shining Games studio also revealed that a lot more content and activities will be available in the game to ensure gameplay diversity.

The player will additionally have to arrange common and normal things like food, drinks and accommodation. But more. To acquire the necessary funds for the activity, you may need to perform paid tasks or demonstrate your hacking skills.

"Above all, this game aims to offer players immense freedom to be creative. Street Artist Simulator's most outstanding feature is the combination of creativity and fast-paced, dynamic action. Players will find a very large city with completely different neighborhoods that feature several unique and challenging locations waiting to be marked by our art. Some will be easier to access, while others will be more complicated to get there, and the player will have to try to stay in the shadows, as sometimes it may be necessary to hack some infrastructure along the way. Sometimes it will be better to run than to get caught and the game will also have a parkour element. And we can even come to blows and have to fight, but always as a last resort", says Tomasz Supeł, CEO of Games Box SA

"The game offers a very complete editor, in which the only barrier will be the player's imagination. Our art will beautify our city, but not only. It will be possible to visit the cities of other players and we can even paint the walls of the buildings in their cities. There will be a cooperative mode where players can help each other paint walls and other surfaces in certain parts of towns. ” – revealed Michał Szmygin from Shining Games.

Street Artist Simulator is expected to be released on PC (Steam) only in 2024. The development team is also interested in releasing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well.

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