User recreates CS:GO with Source 2 implementation

The first images of CS:GO with the implementation of Source 2 were unveiled this Thursday. Gabefollowercontent creator, was responsible for publishing a video with these images, from a recreation of the game including the implementation of the mechanism.

The aforementioned user ended up anticipating Valve, which remains without giving news regarding one of the most discussed topics of recent months. As noted, this version of CS:GO with Source 2 was created using the S&box platform and the team behind, which includes Gabefollower, said they recreated the game mechanics from scratch. and that no lines of code from the original game had been used in the process.

This build will still be at a very early stage and only shows a small portion of what could be Source 2. The project team says it took six months to develop what can be seen in the published video. It is also to be expected that this gameplay continue to be developed by the creators.

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