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task accomplished

After 83 years, Benfica and Casa Pia met again in a domestic championship game. As in the only match of this competition as visitors, we won again by 0-1. This triumph and the controversy in judo are the topics highlighted in News Benfica.


Despite the difficulties created by Casa Pia, Benfica were a fair winner and the result was short. For Roger Schmidt, “we were the best team and we deserved to win”. Our coach considers that “it was not easy because the opponent played well, together and compact. The pitch was difficult, and it is difficult to play against ten players behind the ball line”. Schmidt adds that “during the first half we had good moments, but we couldn’t finish in the best way with the last pass. Too often we tried to find the solution in the central part of the game. ground instead of using the flanks.” An aspect duly corrected in the second half: “We talked about it at half-time and we were better, we found spaces, we played more on the flanks and we had chances,” he concluded. Check out the rest of Roger Schmidt’s statements, here.

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Gonçalo Ramos, scorer of Benfica’s triumph and considered the man of the game, underlines the work of the team and explains that enjoying collective games is one of his functions: “There, in the box, my job is to always believe in every gesture The team created opportunities very well, I had to wait for mine and I managed to do it.” The young striker paid tribute to Chalana during the goal celebration and dedicated the victory to him.


It was impressive to massive presence of benfiquistas in Leiria. In a crowded Magalhães Pessoa, the 12th player was essential to win the three points.


The toxic climate experienced by Portuguese judo, revealed in an open letter by seven judokas (including Benfica athletes Telma Monteiro, Bárbara Timo, Rochele Nunes, Anri Egutidze and Rodrigo Lopes), has prompted comments that we consider absurd and unacceptable to from the President of the Portuguese Judo Federation.

The director of Benfica Olímpico, Ana Oliveira, did not hesitate to assume the defense of the signatories and, following the declarations of the president of the federation, also of Sport Lisboa e Benfica: “Benfica has already contributed to 25 medals for Portugal. It’s Benfica’s fault. How come the day before this “letter” he asks the club’s project coordinator for help and the next day it’s our fault? Benfica is responsible for having put national sport at the service of high competition. By saying this, he also puts other clubs down, other athletes.” See the interview, here.

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