It’s over for the group Yelo Molo and the singer is emptying his heart

Singer Stéphane Yelle announced the end of Yelo Molo on the group’s Facebook page. He explains why the band members made this heartbreaking decision. He talks about the lack of broadcasting of songs on the radios: “ I announce to you today that Yelo Molo is no more. It’s been more than a decade that we try to pass together only song to CKOI or Energie which holds the monopoly of the air play in Quebec.
But for them, the Danny Champagne, formerly Guy Brouillard, the JP Lemelin of this pretty world of diffusion which has the right of life or death on the Quebec formations, a song is always too much like before or not enough. In any event. We would like to have a chance and let the public choose. Moreover, they close the door to us believing that only Sabrina and Gros Zéro are good songs. “.

He invites people to listen to their most recent albums: “You will listen to the albums Take me kekpart, Dubai and Love Alpha to hear that we have beautiful lyrics and beautiful melodies that are the result of hard work and thousands of hours melodic research. These existing songs but, they are not released on a large scale. “.

Finally, Stéphane Yelle recalls the friends of the group: “ Thanks to the friends of Yelo Molo.
I never say to the “fans” because it is fanaticism and I know that no one is fanatic or very few in Quebec thank you to our friends who came to encourage us many times in all the festivals of Quebec you made us live very beautiful unforgettable moments. “.

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