Maximum prices for gas cylinders come into effect on Tuesday

The maximum prices for a bottle of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), set by the government, come into force on Tuesday and represent a saving of almost 3.2 euros per bottle of butane weighing 13 kilograms (Kg).

On Friday, the government redefined the maximum prices for bottled gas, as had already happened during the covid-19 pandemic, determining that a 13 kilogram (kg) bottle of butane will have a maximum value of 29, 47 euros, while 12.5 kg bottles will cost up to 28.34 euros, according to figures from the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE).

In the case of LPG propane T3, the maximum varies between €29.11 per 11 kg bottle and 23.81 kg per 9 kg bottle.

LPG T5 propane cylinders, on the other hand, will cost up to 109.08 euros (45 kg) or 84.84 euros (35 kg).

According to the data sent to Lusa by the Ministry of the Environment, these maximums, taking into account the prices communicated in the first days of August, represent a saving of 3,180 euros per bottle in the case of T3 bottles of 13 kg.

In the case of the T3 cylinder of 11 kg of propane, the saving is 3,258 euros.

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