LE BALLON – Another coach wonders about the attitude of Abel Ferreira (Brazil)

Voices are raised in Brazil against Abel Ferreira. After Atlético Mineiro coach Cuca ‘unpacked’ with a ‘when you win, everything is fine’, it’s now Atlético Goianiense coach Jorginho who criticizes the Portuguese .

Abel’s attitude in a recent Palmeiras-At. Mineiro to Libertadores, who decided on penalties, a tiebreaker which Abel Ferreira did not attend. At a press conference, the Portuguese coach revealed that he had taken refuge in the locker room during the moment of tension, listening to music.

“When you win, people forget. If a Brazilian coach went to the locker room to listen to music during the penalty shootout, they would call him a coward. But because he won, nothing happens. Everything is fine Jorginho joked in an interview with ESPN.

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