THE BALL – Announced the referee who will whistle the classic in Dragão (Sporting)

Referee Nuno Almeida was chosen to whistle the classic on Saturday between FC Porto and Sporting, in reference to the third round of the League.

Nuno Almeida will have André Campos and Pedro Felisberto as assistants. The fourth referee is Vítor Ferreira. In VAR will be Hugo Miguel and in AVAR will be Tiago Martins.

Referees already known for other games:

Santa Clara-Arouca
Referee: Helder Carvalho
Assistants: Pedro Mota and Francisco Pereira
4th referee: Bruno Vieira
VAR: Joao Pinheiro
AVAR: Bruno Jesus

Avenue Estoril Praia-Rio

Referee: Vitor Ferreira

Assistants: Nelson Cunha and Luis Costa

4th referee: Hugo Silva

VAR: Luis Ferreira

AVAR: Jorge Fernandes

Referee: Rui Costa
Assistants: João Bessa Silva and Carlos Martins
4th referee: João Afonso
VAR: Vasco Santos
AVAR: Bruno Costa

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