THE BALL – A week later, United ran another 18 kilometers (Manchester United)

The stat helps explain how Manchester United beat Liverpool 2-1 on Monday.

The Daily Mail reveals the numbers and one immediately stands out, compared to the previous game, the 0-4 loss to Brentford: United ran 19 kilometers more than the previous week, also doubling the number of sprints – from 65 to 155, and with far less possession than Liverpool.

The pressure game allowed, for example, to make 12 interceptions, against 6 of the reds; with goalscoring opportunities split between 8 inside the box and 4 outside the box.

Liverpool, on the other hand, crushes the number of passes: 645 against United’s 273, including 57 long, in a 65% hit.

From week to week, Tem Hag made some changes to the XI, immediately dropping Maguire and Ronaldo; bet on Varane and Rashford, while in the side he swapped Shaw for one of the signings, Malacia.

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