The disease unknown to many that can lead to amputation of the penis

gFournier’s angrene, also known as Fournier’s syndrome, is a serious and life-threatening necrotizing urogenital infection for which prompt diagnosis and treatment can save lives.

According to Medical News Today, this infection is caused by bacteria, but fungi and viruses can also cause it. Area abscesses, cuts, sores, tumors and even genital piercings are possible triggers of the condition, the cause of which remains unknown.

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“This type of gangrene involves the genitals. It usually affects men, but women can also develop it,” explains the Mayo Clinic. Typically, he adds, “an infection of the genital area or urinary tract causes this type of gangrene.” In severe cases, this can lead to amputation of the penis, warns the North American Medical Center.

Who is at risk?

A team of researchers from the Bengaluru Medical College and Research Institute in India found that the risk is 20-70% higher in patients with diabetes. according studypublished in the scientific journal ISRN Surgery, excessive alcohol consumption and a high body mass index are other risk factors to consider.

Initially, patients complain of pain and swelling in the affected genital area. When the pain begins to intensify, odors may come from that same area.

Without treatment, the bacteria responsible for the infection cause our body to overreact which can trigger sepsis. This systemic inflammation can lead to organ failure and the risk of death is high.

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