Halo Infinite’s Biggest Update Ever

343 Industries provided a roadmap Infinite Halo for its ongoing live service strategy, starting with the game’s biggest update yet in November and stretching to 3rd season in March 2023.

The free update is expected to be released on November 8and this will be the biggest content update of the Infinite Halo Again. It includes a Forge beta, online campaign co-op and quest replay features, a new free 30-tier battle pass, two new maps, and – finally! – Starting XP in a beta version.

Match XP is something fans have been asking for since the game launched. Starting in November, players will earn XP with every match, and it’s part of 343’s efforts to create Halo Infinite.”reward“.

The studio said players should be “rewarded no matter how you play“. Match XP is being released through a beta test of the feature, so it can and likely will change over time based on fan feedback.

The update also includes a new free-for-all battle pass, as well as a new mode called Covert One Flag. This mode features asymmetrical loadouts and round-based gameplay as teams of attackers and defenders attempt to capture or hold the flag.

The update also features the long-awaited beta version of Forge. This will take the form of a version “completed” from the editor, and more details are to come in blog posts throughout September and October.

In addition, 343 have confirmed that the latest multiplayer maps of Infinite Halo arriving in Winter Update, Argyle and Detachment, were made using Forge.

What's next for Halo Infinite
What’s next for Infinite Halo

Additionally, the Halo Infinite Winter update adds online campaign co-op and replay functionality; both were previously available to testers. However, the local cooperation on canapes for Infinite Halo Has been cancelled.

343 said of the cancellation: “To improve and expedite the ongoing development of the live service and to better respond to player feedback and quality of life updates, we’ve reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on campaign split-screen co-op. local.“.

After Halo 5 was criticized for dropping local split-screen co-op, 343’s Bonnie Ross promised that the next Halo game would offer local split-screenbut this is no longer the case.

Looking further ahead, 343 has also confirmed that Season 3: Echoes Within will arrive for Infinite Halo in March 7. This update will add new armor cores and a custom game browser to allow players to find any Forge playlist or map they want. Two new maps – one for Arena and Big Team Battle – are also coming to 3rd seasonas well as new VIP and Escalation game modes.

Additionally, the rumored Bandit Rifle will be added to the Infinite Halo in the third season. It’s similar to the DMR from Halo: Reach, 343 said, though it’s more effective at close range. There’s also a new Shroud Screen skill, which “focuses on area denial with a high-tech smokescreen that hides players from radar even when firing, but at the cost of completely obscuring on-screen and off-screen vision“.

Finally, the 3rd season of 343 in 2022 will mark the beginning of a timeline”more predictable” live service seasons at Infinite Halo. There will be “more content than ever released throughout each calendar year“, said the 343.

In addition to continuous updates of Infinite Halo, The 2nd season of the series The Halo TV show is in the works.

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