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Like Western astrology, Chinese astrology is made up of 12 astrological signs. This is the only similarity between these two disciplines. Indeed, Chinese astrology is based on a 12-year cycle, each year being dedicated to an animal, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. 2022 is therefore the year of the Water Tiger.

In the Chinese tradition, each year brings its share of energy. The year of the tiger is no exception as it risks bringing its share of changes and opportunities during the month of September.

What changes will you experience in the twelve Chinese zodiac signs in September?

According to Chinese astrology, this year is therefore dedicate to the Tiger of Water, an animal that represents strength, courage more than inspires fear. unite year marked by change, with several upheavals, twists and opportunities. And during this year, it is the water that accompanies the tiger. Because as with Western astrology, each sign is associated with an earthly element. So that’s what the Water Tiger has promised for this month of September.

The twelve Chinese zodiac signs

The twelve Chinese astrological signs – Source: spm


The month of September will be an opportunity to meet people who will give a new impetus to the professional career natives of the sign of the Rat. Heart side, a thunderbolt cannot be ruled out at the turn of a chance encounter during a trip or a visit abroad.


Zodiac sign of the Ox

Zodiac sign of the Ox – Source: spm

For people of the Ox sign, the month of September will reveal their professional site defendants by launching in the realization of important projects. This month will also be an opportunity to meet several people who could give birth to a new romance.


The Tigers will see their efforts rewarded in September, through obtaining a long-awaited promotion. With this positive dynamic, they will not hesitate to put all their energy into making a project a reality, repeated after a few weeks or even months.


Zodiac sign of the Rabbit

Astrological sign of the Rabbit – Source: spm

For Rabbits, September will be the ideal month for achieving their professional goals. Ambitious, they will put all their energy into this and it will eventually pay off. A month, which will also delight them from a sentimental point of view. Since success will be there and the conquests will follow.


Zodiac sign of the Dragon

Astrological sign of the Dragon – Source: spm

For the natives of the Dragon sign, love will be there at the start of the school year in September. Indeed, unite beautiful romantic encounter is to be expected. The latter will allow them to vibrate again while pushing them to express their feelings.


Of the Interesting opportunities and considerable financial transactions, now you have reserved the month of September for the Serpents. In addition, this month will allow them at the same time, to meet the person who will share the same shipment of founding unites the family.


Horse zodiac sign

Astrological sign of the Horse – Source: spm

For natives of the Horse, September will be the ideal month to consolidate their projects, whethera substantial purchase or a major investment. This month will therefore be joined an excellent period to carry out their plans.


Zodiac sign of the Goat

Astrological sign of the Goat – Source: spm

He determines to achieve the objectives they have set themselves, the Bouc will be rewarded during this month of September, in particular by feeling a certain fulfillment in their workin everyday life.


For the natives of the Monkey, the month of September will be an opportunity to leave room for their imagination and creativity, both professionally and personally. They will therefore take a malicious pleasure in retaining free rein to their sends and desires.


Zodiac sign of the Rooster

Zodiac sign of the Rooster – Source: spm

Franchise at professional cap, this is what promises the month of September to the Roosters. Appreciated by their hierarchy, the representatives of the Rooster go work your way up and get promoted. A month all the more pleasant, which will push them to redouble their efforts.


Zodiac sign of the Dog

Astrological sign of the Dog – Source: spm

Thanks to their intuition and their initiatives, those born under the sign of the Dog will experience a month of September rich in success from a professional point of view. This month will allow them toinvest intelligently by avoiding unnecessary risk-taking.


The month of September will be the beginning of a period of financing favorable to the births of the sign of the Pig. Their financial stability was assessed and they could therefore calmly consider the future without worrying about financial worries. Also, read fiery temper helping them in their search for a soul mate.

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