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  • 2022-09-03 16:57
  • Author: Antonio Carneiro
  • Photo author: Antonio Carneiro

The town of Safara, in Alentejo, received a bullfight this Friday, when the bulls returned to the town.

The city of Alentejo safari (Moura), yesterday at 10:00 p.m. received a bullfight, on the occasion of local festivities, filling half of the bullfighting capacity.

In Adriano Ferreira’s ranch bullfight, which was making its debut that night, riders Emiliano Gamero and David Gomes, and amateur rider Mara Pimenta were in the square.

The rounds were shared between Forcados Amateurs de Coruche, Real de Moura and Amateurs de Safara.

Emiliano Gamero opened the square and reached the bleachers in a loud voice with a showy lead and some success. In the second performance, the timbre and emotion increased, with the astado also collaborating more.

david gomes with his own style he hit the home crowd early on, despite a few false passes he had a steady lead leaving two good short irons.

Mara pepper, had no luck in the lottery, and it was up to him to deal with the less cooperative copies. Still, he left two irons in the good-level midrange.

The cattle ranch of Adrian Ferreira in withdrawal that attacked the saddles, with attacks that punished in the meetings, which meant that the forks did not have an easy night.

through the formation of Coruche lovers went to the face Goncalo Mesquitaconsumed on second attempt after doubling Martin Tomas and Carlos Silvathe first one.

Fur Real de Moura were expensive Goncalo Malatoclosing on the second attempt and Ishmael Amador on the first try with a good first assist from António Lobo.

As for the whole formed by the Lovers of safarimade the first try lighter jeans with excellent grip. His first was not caught after numerous attempts, resulting in some forks being evacuated to hospital in Beja.

Good direction, but with a certain benevolence, from the director Agostinho Borges, assisted technically by Dr. Carlos Santana.

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