Conquer a new world in Stranded: Alien Dawn

It is within the framework of Gamescom that Frontier Developments unveiled Stranded: Alien Dawn, a survival game on a distant and still unexplored planet which is about to arrive.

The game has even received an indication that it will enter early access soon. Come find out more…

Frontier Developments recently revealed at Gamescom that their next game, Stranded: Alien Dawn (in development by Haemimont Games Studios) is about to hit Early Access.

It is a survival title that takes place on a remote and uninhabited planet full of dangers where a small group of human beings crashes. A strategy game in which players will have to create a new society on a distant planet.

Players will therefore have to overcome all kinds of obstacles that the game will throw at them, in order for a small group of surviving humans to not only survive, but also thrive and create a thriving colony with a future.

The game combines modular building mechanics for infrastructure, resource collection and management, research and crafting of items and tools.

The player begins their adventure in Stranded: Alien Dawn with just the basics, as they experience the beauty (and threats) of this new environment, with the primary goal of establishing their base of operations. Is it better to create a fortification on the crash site of the ship in order to make it an impregnable fortress? Or should we instead create a more peaceful and naturally beautiful place to keep survivors' minds lighter and happier?

After the inauguration of our base, and just like in games of the genre, the idea is to make it prosper and grow so that it becomes sustainable and allows the survival of our humans.

Resource gathering is extremely important in a game of this genre and in Stranded: Alien Dawn it is. It is necessary to collect, from the surrounding areas, as many resources and raw materials as possible to create and maintain our base as well as to allow the development of new technologies that allow us to evolve as a society.

However, there will be many issues that players will have to deal with. Mysterious diseases, extreme changes in weather conditions or attacks from the strange local fauna will put players on high alert.

The players' choices will have to be properly considered according to the needs of the base, its inhabitants and the common well-being.

While housing, comfort, and security are extremely important to success, Stranded: Alien Dawn requires players to pay close attention to the individual. In other words, each citizen has their strengths, their weaknesses, their distinct personality traits which must be interpreted by the player to know the best way to keep them healthy, happy and with a team spirit.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is coming to PC Early Access (via Steam) later this year in October.

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