THE BALL – “Ricardo Horta? I won’t hide what everyone knows” (Benfica)

After the presentation of the report and accounts for the 2021/22 season, Rui Costa spoke to journalists about some of the topics that marked Benfica’s transfer window. Interest in Ricardo Horta was one of them and the Eagles chief confirmed the interest.

“I’m not going to hide what everyone knows and we’re comfortable with that. Benfica were interested in Ricardo Horta, made a proposal and we could have brought him on the last day. However, we were not dependent on us, but on an agreement between two clubs [SC Braga e Málaga]. I think it’s important to make it clear to people that this telenovela lasted because of that and not because of the proposal. If the opportunity to bring in Ricardo Horta had presented itself, we would not be shy and we could bring in the player,” he said.

As for the negative result on the back (loss of €35m), Rui Costa gave an explanation.

“The objective is to prepare for the future by combining sporting and financial results. It was important to reduce assets and stabilize the team in terms of athletic success to achieve financial success. The sporting pillar is the main priority, but we want to quickly achieve sporting financial results,” he concluded.

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