Benfica Djordjic Sergey Hernandez Renovations

Petar Djordjic and Sergey Hernández will continue to defend the colors of Handball SL Benfica in 2022/23. Both athletes renewed their contract with the Club and were happy and proud of this result.

The Serbian left-back has been with the Eagles for four seasons, he is one of the most important pieces in the team’s maneuver and, with a contract extended until 2025, he only thinks of “being champion from Portugal”.

“I am very happy and proud. It’s mine fourth season at the clubthis is my house and i am very happy to continue at Benfica. I’ve been saying that since the first day I’ve been at the Club. My family and I really like Benfica and the city life. When I came to Benfica I said I wanted to be champion of Portugal, I believe in it and it is a great objective of the team”, underlined Petar Djordjic at BTV.

Renovation by Djordjic and Sergey Hernández

“It’s my fourth season at the club, it’s my home and I’m very happy to continue at Benfica”

Petar Djordjic

At the end of 2021/22, Benfica won the unprecedented EHF European League. It was a great moment of happiness and synergy between the players and the supporters, but a new season is announced with new ambitions.

“They say it was a miracle, but miracles happen, because we worked hard and believed. We won this great title with our fansin our house and it was a single moment. We are now in a new season, with new players and I think our team is strong. I believe that let’s have a good time“, predicted the Serb.

Renovation by Djordjic and Sergey Hernández

The first trophy in dispute and already the great mug. In the semi-final, the eagles face FC Porto, in Serpa, and the number 44 asked for strong support in the stands.

“All ours the fans know they are important to us, not only in handball, but in all modalities. I know they will be in the Supercup in this game with FC Porto and I think we will win,” said Petar Djordjic.

Renovation by Djordjic and Sergey Hernández

The Spanish international goalkeeper Sergei Hernandez assumed that in Luz he grew “as a player and as a person” and that today he is “another Benfiquista”.

“I am very happy and proud to continue to defend this symbol. In this club, I grew as a player and as a person. I feel at home. From day one, the fans, the team, the structure have always treated me as one of their own and I’m another Benfica fan“, he considered, to BTV.

He is one of the winners of the European EHF League, but the goalkeeper, with a renewed contract until 2023, does not want to stop there. “To enrich the Museum and the history of Benfica” is the objective.

“I expect to get more titles for handball, to enrich the Museum and the history of Benfica. That’s what we all want in handball and in the club,” he said.

Renovation by Djordjic and Sergey Hernández

“I hope to get more titles for handball, enrich the Museum and the history of Benfica”

Sergei Hernandez

Like Djordjic, the number 25 also underlined the importance of Benfiquistas in the collective success of handball.

We need supporters, because without them we are not the same. We need the support, the warmth they give us, the noise that motivates us. Without them, last season’s finale wouldn’t have been what it was. Thank you, and in this season we have more to conquer“, recognized Sergey Hernández.

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